If you enjoy a good laugh, then don’t miss the return of that master of idiotic incompetence, the hapless INSPECTOR DRAKE, and his hopeless sidekick, Sergeant Plod, in the forthcoming INSPECTOR’S DRAKE’S LAST CASE.

David Tristram’s wonderfully entertaining detective comedies have become so popular, that this will be Drake’s third return to Toddington.

Once more, Drake and Plod pit their wits (or in Plod’s case, witlessness) against a cunning villain . . . Once more, Drake plunges his audience (and   himself) into a sea of conjecture as to the identity of that mysterious felon. Could Victor Gagarin have murdered his own mother with a poker and burned the evidence? Or did unlikely fashion-designer Alison Duck do the dastardly deed? Was it Guest the Butler, or Butler the Guest? Cook the Gardener, or  Gardener the Cook?

As Plod so rightly says: ‘Don’t believe everything you see, don’t always expect a murderer to tell the truth, and above all, make sure you know who’s who.’ Which is more than he does.


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