Contributing To Our Website

The more you help, the more dynamic our website will be!

We would like to show more of our past Production Posters.  If you have any copies then please do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll show them on our website!

Thanks for your help,


I would like to upload the 40th Birthday video that many of you were in, but I don't have a working copy.

If you have a copy that you could lend me I'll do the necessary and publish it on our website.



I've managed to get a copy of the Video CD from Jo Tillin (thanks Jo) but I've not been able to convert a Video CD into any upto date video format (mpeg, avi, mov etc...).  If anyone has any ideas how to do this it would be appreciated, thanks!!

To get things started I've uploaded all the photos that I had onto the Tads Gallery.

There will be many past productions that you may have taken photos of and I would be delighted to receive them (preferably in large quantities on CDs!!) and I will upload them to our Tads Gallery.

Thank you in advance